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Whether you are a candidate pursuing ordination, a pastor desiring continuing education, or a church member earnestly wanting to go deeper in God’s Word, check out KMBC’s online classes. Our classes offer quality education with KMBC’s firm commitment to the infallibility of God’s Word.

The online classes are structured for busy ministry-oriented adults who need flexible learning options. The class material is available 24 hours a day in order to fit with your schedule. And don’t miss the perfect complement to KMBC’s classes – KMBC chapel services!

Online classes can apply to on-campus degrees, and can transfer to other colleges.


Take a Class for College Credit

(Assignments and tests will be graded and must be completed on time. College credit will be issued.)
$235/hr +$50 online fee

Ex:  $755 for a 3-hour class

Take a class for Personal Enrichment

(No assignments or tests are required, and no college credit will be given or earned.)
$117/hr +$50 online fee

Ex: $401 for a 3-hour class

Online Classes Currently Available Include:

  • Introduction to Homiletics (2 Credit Hours)

    A general overview of the art and craft of preaching. Attention is given to the preacher, study helps, and sermon development.

  • Foundations of Faith (3 Credit Hours)

    A foundational course in theology designed to give the student a basic understanding of the doctrines of God, man, and sin, and emphasizes the saving relationship into which God calls all human beings.

  • English Bible Survey (3 Credit Hours)

    This course is an introduction to the content, theology and history of the Bible with a special emphasis upon the major people, places and events.  The various literary genres are studied in order to discover their basic teachings and place in divine revelation. The course is a prerequisite to all other courses in biblical studies.

  • Theology of Holiness (3 Credit Hours)

    An intensive study of the doctrine of Christian perfection and entire sanctification as a second work of grace as it comes to expression within Scripture and Wesleyan theology which are integrated with experiential material for the purpose of instructing, clarifying, and establishing students in their personal experience of entire sanctification.

  • Church History (3 Credit Hours)

    A survey of the development of the Christian Church from apostolic times to the present with special attention being given to councils of the Church, medieval monasticism, the Protestant Reformation, Wesley and Pietism, and the North American church.

  • Hebrews (2 Credit Hours)

    A study of the Book of Hebrews which views the Old Testament in the light of the New Testament and informs Christology and Soteriology especially as they pertain to Entire Sanctification and Christian perseverance.  Prerequisites:  OT 212 and BI 111.

  • Isaiah & Jeremiah (2 Credit Hours)

    A study of the books with emphasis on the historical, social, moral and religious background of the prophet and their times. Major elements of the class include historical, eschatalogical, and New Covenant significance along with present-day application. Prerequisite: BI 111.

  • Pastoral Epistles (1 Credit Hour)

    A study of the Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus with emphasis on application to present pastoral ministry.  Prerequisite:  BI 111.

  • Prison Epistles (2 Credit Hours)

    The four Epistles of Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon were written by Paul during his Roman imprisonment.   This class will consider the theological truths and practical applications contained in these letters.   Prerequisite:  BI 111.

  • Gospels (3 Credit Hours)

    A comprehensive study of the life and ministry of Jesus presented by the four gospel writers. Prerequisite: BI 111.

  • Romans (2 Credit Hours)

    A study of the Epistles of Romans which focuses on the theological truths and their application to the Christian life.   Prerequisite:  BI 111.

  • Theology and Practice of Prayer (2 Credit Hours)

    The Theology and Practice of Prayer is intended to be a practical survey of prayer in the Scriptures, the teaching of Christ on the subject, the people throughout history who prayed with passion, and how we can become more effective in the practice of prayer. A Biblical foundation for prayer will be advanced, and the mechanics, tools, and difficulties of personal and corporate prayer will be discussed. The global impact of prayer will also be investigated, as will what is necessary for effective leadership in prayer mobilization.

  • Marriage and the Family (3 Credit Hours)

    This course considers the dynamics of marriage and family relationships.  The emphasis will be upon the development of relationships from dating through courtship and marriage, with a special consideration for enrichment skills such as communication, conflict solving, budgeting, and role concepts.

  • Acts (2 Credit Hours)

    The history of the origin, rise, and expansion of universal Christianity as presented in the Acts of the Apostles. Prerequisite: BI 111.

  • Pentateuch (3 Credit Hours)

    An historical and theological study of the first five books of the Old Testament which emphasizes the characters and the covenant.  The Pentateuch is examined as the foundation for the remainder of the history of God’s revelation to humanity. Prerequisite: BI 111.

“It is nice to be able to get your education at your convenience. You have the opportunity to really get ahead in the class. Online classes provide the convenience to get an education while working a job too.”

Travis Johnson, Class of 2015
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