Fall Drama 2008

"The First Church of Pete's Garage" 

By Paul McCusker  

What a time of relaxation and laughter we had this past Friday. The dramatic ministry class did a tremendous job in their presentation. "'The First Church of Pete's Garage' was a hit", said someone from the audience. The show featured a group of teenagers who broke away from the main church to start their own. The problems they encountered were amusing but had a real strong message to it. The answer is not to leave the church but to resolve to spread the love of Jesus.

Friends and family came in to see the show. The campus family was present and ready for the evening. The show was highly energetic and kept us laughing all the way through. 

The senior class sold snacks during intermission. There was great fellowship with all who were there.  Those who came really enjoyed the show. We appreciate the dramatic ministries class for a job well done.