College Aquaintance Days - Outdoor Adventure!

The most anticipated weekend this year was College Aquaintaince Days 2008.  We welcomed perspective students to our campus on Thursday and  Friday(October 30-31). We had forty students visit the school.  They were invited to join classes on Friday morning. Classes ended around 2pm and the hiking trip to Natural Bridge State Park began.

 It was a very beautiful day.  The weather was perfect for hiking.  We had four van loads who split into five groups for the hike.   We had all kinds of fun while up there looking at God's beautiful creation. There was also activities for students who did not wish to go  hiking. The student council put together games on campus for them.

 The talent show was Friday evening.  It was an upbeat time of laughing, surprises, and worshiping together. Dr. Speas Commented, "There were some talents I didn't know our students had."   It was a great time of participation from everyone. Dr. John povided our guests with lattes and several other faculty members served drinks and snacks for everyone. 

 We had chapel Saturday morning. Dr. Speas presented a powerful message on the harvest being great and labourers few.  The Holy Spirit moved as many KMBC students, faculty/staff, and visitors went up front to pray.  They gathered around as Dr. Speas prayed that we would be willing and open to God's calling on our lives.

 The college fair followed as students were encouraged to visit with the faculty and learn more about the college on an academic level.  We had lunch and everyone went their own way soon after.

 We had a great time of fellowship with students who came to this event. We praise God for bringing them our way to experience life here on the hilltop. We pray God directs their lives as they follow His leading. We give God thanks and praise Him for  the success of College Aquaintance Days 2008. 

The Hiking Team!