Fall Convocation 2008

“Building a Strong Foundation” was the theme for this semester's convocation. Examples were taken from the recent construction site of the new Chapel/Fine Arts building on campus. This week a work team was working on laying the foundation of the new building. In convocation God was building foundations for living a holy life.

President Speas encouraged the student body that this was the place they were to get grounded in holiness. It was the right place where questions were settled and lives changed. It was time to dig deep our foundation and anchor them on the truth of God's word.

Dr. Marlin HotleDr. Marlin Hotle was our evangelist. Dr. Hotle serves on the board of trustees and has a Daughter and Son-in-Law with three grandchildren on staff at KMBC. He is a renowned speaker and speaks in many countries around the world and also in camps all over the United States. He currently serves as the District Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church in Tennessee. He has preached in many college settings and God used him greatly as he ministered to us this week.

The messages were with great anointing and brought new light and life to the holiness message. Both old and young were challenged! There were altar services after every chapel as students, faculty/staff, and visitors sought the Lord. God spoke to hearts individually and the response was with obedience. Testimonies of God's work in each students lives was a great encouragement to all. It was evident; the Holy Spirit was at work!

Emphasis was made to keep spiritual revival going even after the scheduled revival was over. We are looking forward to a great school year in which we can build strong, solid foundation on the Word of God through His Holy Spirit. We praise the Lord for His continual presence here on Campus.

"The most important thing you will accomplish while here at KMBC is to let God put a good foundation in your life."  -Dr. Speas