Faculty Spotlight

KMBC has been blessed with many godly and devoted faculty over the years. The newest addition to the faculty is Mr. Stephen Bagby.  He and his wife moved to KMBC in December of 2012, and both of them began teaching here in January of 2013.

Mr. Bagby has been acquainted with KMBC since 1979, when he read a book written by Miss Lela G. McConnell, the founder of KMBC (then KMBI). It made a profound impact on him and challenged his prayer life.

When the Bagby’s twin sons, Kirk and David, graduated from high school in 2011, they both began college at KMBC. That same year, Dr. Philip Speas contacted Mr. Bagby and asked if he was interested in joining the faculty at KMBC. After two years of praying, Mr. Bagby and his wife sensed the Lord leading them to accept that call and come to the mountains of Kentucky that he had read about in Mrs. McConnell’s book all those years ago.

Mr. Bagby has served as a pastor in various churches since his senior year in high school. God has anointed and blessed his ministry, and he continues to preach here in Kentucky when he has the chance.

Mr. Bagby enjoys many things about teaching at KMBC. He enjoys spending time with the students and seeing their passion for God and His Word. He also likes preparing lectures and reading his students’ wise and thought-out essays. He is encouraged by various students’ walk with God and appreciates their welcoming him back into the world of teaching.

Growing at KMBC isn’t just for the students. Recently, God has been teaching Mr. Bagby total dependence on Himself. He has also grown in his prayer life and has been encouraged by the community of believers and prayer warriors surrounding him on this campus. Mr. Bagby thanks God for a school like KMBC that still stands for Biblical holiness. He deeply values the way it is not only taught and preached, but also lived out in daily lives.

Back in 1979, he never would have imagined that God would lead him to “be a part of this great and historic spiritual work.” In closing, Mr. Bagby adds, “I want to say with St. Paul, ‘I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has enabled me, in that He counted me faithful, having put me into the ministry’ (of KMBC), I Timothy 1:12.”