Finishing Faithfully

In a recent chapel service, Dr Speas shared a presentation on the success rate of KMBC graduates. He referred to the leadership conference of fall 2013, quoting Drs. Doug Carter and Bert Jones as saying that 50% of pastors drop out within five years, and only 25% continue to have a successful ministry to the end. Then, citing a study conducted by Eldon Neihof, Henrietta Griffith, and Donna Woodring, Dr Speas presented the astounding and encouraging news that of KMBC graduates from 1931 to 1980, 80% of those involved in ministry remained faithful. That's well over the national average! Dr Speas then asked the students to list reasons that KMBC has been so successful. Reasons included emphasis on holiness, a higher standard, and a family atmosphere. Watch the message below to see why KMBC is the place to be! God is blessing KMBC and we are proud of our heritage and of the success God has given our graduates.