Spring Revival Services

KMBC’s Spring 1014 Convocation has been a blessed time of God’s continuing presence and working.

During the Sunday service at Mt. Carmel, Rev. Claude Nicholas preached on holiness by way of the “Alabaster Box” story in Matthew 26:6-7. “Holiness is always a matter of the heart,” he says, “the devotion of our heart that expresses itself in obedience to God.” He also explained that there is a difference between our love and God’s love. “If we give Him all of our exclusive love, He comes and fills us with His inclusive love.”

The chapel convocation services began on Monday morning, with Rev. Nicholas preaching on Revelation 2:1-4. In this passage, the Ephesians have “lost their first love.” Rev. Nicholas answered the question of “what is it that can cause us to leave our first love and not even know it?” The answer is that “it is losing our sense of needing God daily in our lives, and beginning to trust in other things.” During chapel on Tuesday, Rev. Nicholas addressed the call of a Christian and what makes that call a reality. The essence is that it’s a call to become, rather than a call to do, and not shining for Jesus but shining forth Jesus. On Wednesday morning, he used Romans 6:8-13 as his text and explained that “when we can get past the complexities, we can see the simplicity of holiness: our continual response to God’s activity in our lives.” During the Wednesday evening service, Rev. Nicholas preached on sanctification, using John 17 as his text. He emphasized that sanctification is something only God Himself can do in the lives of His children. “Only a life free of self can bring glory to God,” he added. The Thursday morning message was very encouraging, with Rev. Nicholas addressing the question, “what do you do when God turns out the lights?” This message from Isaiah 50:10-11 focused on how to deal with dark times in the Christian life, times when God does not feel near. On Friday morning, Rev. Nicholas spoke on God’s will, using I John 5:14-15 as his text. He explained the different types of God’s will and emphasized the importance of what we ask being in accordance with His will. The Friday evening service closed out the Convocation.

These messages may be viewed on our podcast page.

The altars were filled at the end of all the services, as God came and ministered to hearts and lives. May He continue to work in the coming days and weeks, and may hearts remain sensitive to His leading.