Music Recital

KMBC is blessed with students who are both ministry minded and talented. Every year, choir and singing groups go out to minister in song representing KMBC. Some of these students make music one of their primary focuses while at the college. One of these students is Travis Johnson. He demonstrated his talent in a recital on Monday evening, February 10, 2014.

Mr. Jim Nelson officiated the recital in place of Mr. Jay Wisler, who had been called away. Mr. Nelson introduced Travis as a young man with a “steady focus, who is involved in music whenever possible.” Travis is from Greenwood, Indiana, and is currently a junior at KMBC. He has been taking voice lessons from Mr. Jay Wisler since 2009. Travis sings baritone, and has been involved in a singing group, choir, and other ministry opportunities. While at home, Travis traveled and sang with the Ken Gates Trio. Not only did this group minister in song, but ministered in marriage and family missions. Travis is engaged to be married to Miss Katrina Campitelli later this year.

Travis performed eight songs, including “The Shepherd,” by Ralph Vaughan Williams, and “You Know Me, Lord,” by Larry Shackley. KMBC is blessed to have students with talent and passion to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The podcast is available on KMBC's new podcast channel.