Bill Nye & Ken Ham Debate

One of KMBC’s goals is for students to possess a Biblical Worldview and know how to defend that worldview. One important component of this worldview is Creationism, the belief that God created the world. On Tuesday, February 4, 2014, at 7:00 PM, students will have an opportunity to witness a firm believer and teacher of Creationism defend this worldview. Ken Ham of “Answers in Genesis” will be debating Bill Nye, of the “Bill Nye, the Science Guy” children’s show. This debate will be held at the Creation Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. According to, this event has had much attention from the media, and tickets were sold out within two minutes. The Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate will be livestreamed in the Helen Matthews Luce chapel for students, staff, and faculty to watch. KMBC encourages those who have a desire for a greater knowledge of how to defend their belief in Creationism to watch this debate, either through live streaming or by purchasing a DVD or download of the event. More information is available at