"Climb Higher" Leadership Conference

What a fantastic conference! Insightful, educational, and extremely helpful. These are just a few of the many comments made by those who attended KMBC’s recent Leadership Conference. Over forty pastors from eight different states were in attendance of KMBC’s “Climb Higher” leadership conference. The event took place in conjunction with KMBC’s fall recruiting event, with the first service beginning at 7:30pm on Thursday evening, November 14, 2013.

In a quick summary, here’s a rundown of the events. Doug Carter taught the first session, focusing on the ABC’s of leadership. He used a baseball analogy to shared three “bases” that every leader should attain: spiritual formation, skill formation and strategic formation. Bert Jones taught the second session, focusing on criticism and how to handle it. Three of the ten points that he shared on criticism are: “A leader should expect to be the object of criticism,” “Don’t take every comment that comes your way as criticism,” and “always explore a criticism before you ignore a criticism.”

Sessions resumed the at 8:45 the following morning with Doug Carter starting off with a session on the five levels of leadership. The five levels that he outlined are: the position level, the permission level, the production level, the people level, and the personhood level. James Keaton addressed the topic of “Maintaining balance in a rapidly changing world. He explained that because there are many different opinions on this, he chose to share the things that are changeless in the church. These include mission, separation, community, and authority. During the fifth session, Doug Carter talked about giving in the church. He shared several key principles, including: “The giver is more important than the gift,” and “we must teach and model generosity.” Following lunch, James Keaton gave a session on fundraising. Bert Jones demonstrated principles of problem-solving through the example of Mary in the story of Jesus turning water into wine. He pointed out that Mary didn’t draw attention to the problem, she went to Jesus first, and she got out of the way.

During the final two sessions, James Keaton shared to principles about unity and Bert Jones spoke about change, contrasting the differences between creating change in a pioneer organization or church and an established organization or church.

Each pastor who attended received a free book and pastors packet in return for filling out a survey which will help KMBC know how to better plan these events in the future. KMBC hopes to make these leadership conferences annual events.

All podcasts of these sessions are available here on KMBC's Chapel Cam. Just scoll down to November 14th & 15th.