Preparing for Missions

Sarah Fortner graduated from the missions program at KMBC this past spring. Since graduation, God has blessed her with an opportunity to go to Northern Ireland with the Nazarene Theological Seminary as a student missionary in a program called m365. She plans to begin the program this coming January. Currently, she is visiting churches in her home area, speaking, and raising funds. She is also involved with her local church through music ministry, preaching, and youth ministry.

Recently, God has taught Sarah to trust in Him, and she has learned that He is totally faithful. Sarah remarks that KMBC has prepared her for ministry in so many ways. The missions classes and various ministries Sarah was involved in at KMBC over the past few years, are just a few. She adds that touring with By Grace and the KMBC choir was one of the best learning tools. She learned to be flexible and minister to a variety of people.

“KMBC is a great place to learn practical ministry,” she says, “not only do you learn textbook ideas, but you get experiential learning as well.”