The Face of KMBC

There are many ways in which prospective students learn about KMBC: recruiting events, literature, alumni, and various other means. One vital influence which has resulted in numerous prospective and current students for KMBC is our counseling teams. These students devote several weeks out of their summer break to visit camps across the United States to represent KMBC as counselors.

This year’s counseling team included Eung Chokdeepusit, Jonathan Jack,  David (Bubba) Jennings, Cody Killingsworth, Melissa Moffat, and Kolton and Adelle Semrow. Melissa Mofatt, a Sophomore from French Lick, Indiana, traveled to seven states on counseling teams this past summer in eight different camps. During this time, she had the privilege of seeing teenagers radically saved and even had the opportunity to lead some girls seeking sanctification. Melissa says that through this ministry, her passion for ministering to teenagers has grown as God has helped her to love them and to serve them selflessly. “I wouldn't trade this summer for anything,” she says.

Cody Killingsworth, a freshman from Mississippi, says that God really opened his eyes to the spiritual warfare that goes on every day. During his experience at six camps in five states, Cody witnessed campers seeking to be saved, sanctified, and overcome various battles in their lives. In all, he learned to have courage because God is always with him.

Adelle Semrow, a senior, along with her husband Kolton, traveled through seven different states this summer. She expressed that “[God] showed me that while I was representing KMBC, I was first and foremost representing Him.”

It the purpose of KMBC to help prepare students such as these not only for future ministry when they graduate, but ministries present here and now. Melissa testifies that many of the truths she learned in her theology classes has helped her answer various questions the campers had. The stability in prayer and devotional life at KMBC has helped Cody to better minister to others. We give God praise for the work He is doing in the lives of our students. These students and their summer ministries are living proof that God is alive and working on the KMBC campus community. In the words of President Speas, these students are “the face of KMBC.”