A KMBC Missionary

KMBC is blessed each semester with guest missionaries serving in countries all over the world who come to speak in the Friday missions chapels. This past Friday, however, a “different” kind of missionary shared about how God called him to minister right here at Kentucky Mountain Bible College. Mr. David Boleratz, or “Mr. B.” as he is known the to the students, shared that the principle of ‘mission work’ began as a young child. His father taught him to help people, asking nothing in return. As he got older, he continued to do just that, working for the joy of helping others.

Dave visited KMBC on a number of work teams across eight years. Each time he came, God spoke to him and showed him that this was where he wanted him to be. It would mean selling his home, his motorcycle, leaving his job and family. He struggled to make the decision. However, one day an evangelist preached at his home church on being a servant for God. The Lord made it clear that now was time to let go. When Dave finally surrendered, the Lord miraculously worked out the selling of his home in Pennsylvania. Mr. Dave Boleratz has now been a part of the KMBC staff for over six years. “This is my mission field.” he says. Dave has worked as the student-work program supervisor and head of maintenance. He is also heavily involved in work at the radio station and the prison ministry.