Mount Carmel Youth Camp

Mount Carmel Youth Camp!
     855 Hwy 541 Jackson,  KY 41339
Ready for some fun in the hills of Eastern Kentucky?
July 28-August 2, 2014
Campers are invited from age 12-19.
Cost: $90
If you pre-register by July 15th, you will get $10 off!  And groups of ten or more will receive an additional $10 off per person!

To register a group, or if you have any questions,
Call: 1.800.879.5622

MCYC Youth Camp is a time to come to grow spiritually, connect with new friends, and to have tons of fun!
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"Dedication to fulfilling God's will for their life and the lives of teenagers is evident in the hearts of the leaders and speakers. While having "fun" is something that the leaders want to do throughout the week, it is clear that furthering the Kingdom and bringing hearts closer to God is the priority of this camp. While seemingly so simple, this is often overlooked in summer camps. Whether you aren't a Christian going into camp, perhaps are currently a back-sliding Christian, or are living a Christian life as best as you know possible, the services at this camp cater to every situation and struggle in a personal and simple yet profound way. God is truly moving and stirring people throughout the week. Everywhere you look there is someone, whether adult or teen, who is willing to help you and pray with you. For me personally I came to camp emotionally and mentally broken. I was in need of healing that only God could give. Service after service I was benefited by great sermons and helpful hands in prayer. This camp balances activities with spiritual growth."  - 2012 Camper