Creation Seminar

 Mike RiddleSixty-Five guests from six different states attended KMBC’s Creation Seminar on Thursday and Friday, April 18-19 with Apologist Mike Riddle. Mr. Riddle kept the audience engaged with humor, and most importantly, shared with them the truths of creation in a way that is easy to understand.

His main subject for the Thursday evening was “Apologetics: Answering the Challenges.” Topics covered in the Thursday night session included challenges to creation, the sanctity of human life, and dinosaurs. He also presented the purpose of apologetics as threefold: 1) Evangelizing and answering questions, 2) That God is glorified, 3) To strengthen and encourage Christians. Mr. Riddle gave the audience logical and Biblical answers to the questions often asked of creationism including “where did the light come from in the three days before the sun was created?” and “How did Adam have time to name all the animals?” Following a question and answer time at the end of the evening session, Mr. Riddle shared his testimony. He was not always a creationist. When he was a thirty-year old evolutionist, a stranger sat down beside his side as he lifted weights and told him about Jesus. That night, Mr. Riddle gave his heart and life to Jesus Christ. “That is what we are called to do,” he said, “share the truth with others so they can be saved.”

On Friday’s session, Mr. Riddle began with the topic “Evolution, Critical Thinking and the Bible.” He shared with the audience three questions that can be asked of an evolutionist to get  him thinking and challenge his viewpoint. He ended with a discussion of the authority of scripture as well the account of the “Second Upper Room,” the founding of the original evolutionists and atheists in 1905. He explained that the nation is being attacked from within and Christians need to be aware of it and fight to stop it. KMBC was honored to host this event and hopes to host more in the future. Multiple podcasts of the sessions are available here.