Seeing Double

by Sarah Richardson


The time is 7:20 am. The waffle irons are heated, the coffee is made, and the few early breakfast comers are quietly beginning their Monday morning.

A Bagby walks in, responds to the nods and murmured greetings, and sets about making a waffle.

A few moments later another Bagby, dressed in exactly the same outfit, walks in and begins to work on his own breakfast.

And those present do a double-take.

The Bagby twins, a new addition to our campus this year, have been “twins since conception” – or something over 19 years. Even after three months on campus, some still struggle to tell them apart.

David Bagby says that he doesn't really mind when people can't tell him apart from his roughly-a-minute-older brother, Kirk. It's been so long that he's used to it, and he laughs about it.

The brothers are roommates, and when asked how many possessions they have in common, Kirk responds immediately with, “Everything!” But the declaration is followed by a list of exceptions, beginning with, “Well, except toothbrushes.”

David admits, “At first we didn't really want to be roommates, because we've been roommates for nineteen years!” Kirk adds that it's been longer than that, because before they were roommates, they were “wombmates.” They realized just how much they shared, however, and agreed that it would be more convenient to room together.

Both were saved at a young age – Kirk at an Iowa Holiness Association (IHA) campmeeting, David while praying in bed when he was six years old. Both were also sanctified at an IHA campmeeting in June, 2006, when they were thirteen years old. Dr. Speas was the evangelist, and he spoke on “holification” and “being holified.”

Both agree that God's call is the number one reason why they came to KMBC. David feels a call to ministry, specifically pastoral, and is thus working towards his BA in Pastoral Ministries. Kirk would like to be a teacher, perhaps at a Bible college.

Kirk and David say that they have both grown spiritually and intellectually since coming to KMBC. David says that he is enjoying his classes, and he is learning more about the Bible and his faith. He has been encouraged and strengthened by the Convocation and Holiness Summit this semester. “I've definitely been challenged a lot in the last three months.”

Kirk agrees, and says, “That's the primary reason why I've come to KMBC – to get a godly education.”

Along with possessions and faith, the Bagbys also have many hobbies in common. Both of them enjoy guns – hunting and shooting at targets and clay pigeons. Both like music, including piano, harmonica, and guitar. Both enjoy hiking and hanging out with friends.

But the twins aren't identical in everything. According to David, he is more the athletic type, while Kirk is more of the book type. While David enjoys more sports, bicycling, and jogging, Kirk takes great pleasure in science and reading physics. David also says that he is more extroverted, while Kirk is more of an introvert.

So what is the best way to tell the Bagbys apart? Even David is unsure how to answer that one. Some people tell them apart by their voices, he says. “And I would say that our personalities tell us apart well.”

In other words, just get to know them!

Although they may present double the challenge to instructors and classmates who attempt to distinguish them, the residents of Kentucky Mountain Bible College as a whole don't seem to mind the extra effort.

One classmate says that the brothers “appreciate the value of KMBC... both the modern and outdated meanings of appreciate.” They not only “enjoy the value,” they “improve the value.”

And double appreciation somehow seems to fit them.