2011 Holiness Summit at KMBC

 Long before the 2011 Holiness Summit kicked off at 6:30 PM on October 30 at KMBC, the college prayed that this event would be a time of rich preaching, joyful worship, and godly fellowship. The Lord certainly answered those prayers, and He is worthy of praise for the wonderful time of spiritual encouragement that this summit offered!


The seven services overflowed with instruction in the Word – all to glorify a holy God and to establish a holy people. The speakers included the great holiness evangelists Dr. Nelson Purdue, Dr. Norman Wilson, and Dr. Tom Hermiz, as well as KMBC's Dr. Philip Speas and Rev. Tom Lorimer. Each speaker shared the hope of living a life free from the sinful nature, and each distinctly explained the higher calling of living pure and holy lives.



 The event was also full of praise and worship. KMBC provided music through leading congregational singing, playing offertories, and sharing specials in song. Who could be more worthy of praise than a perfect and righteous God who would give His all to turn a fallen race into a beautifully pure church? May we never hesitate to praise the Lord for who He is and what He as done for us!



The Christian fellowship also illustrated how important it is to congregate together with fellow believers, encouraging one another in living completely surrendered lives and in continuing to seek more of God. In addition to those a part of the KMBC, Mt. Carmel, and KMHA communities, an estimated 60 guests attended the summit, representing 8 states. What a joy to see the Helen Mathews Luce Chapel filled with people from all over who love and embrace the message of living a holy life!


KMBC rejoices in the Lord, praising Him for this wonderful summit and looking forward to the spiritual progress that would result from this very special event!