2nd Floor of the Ladies' Dorm Completed!

The second floor of KMBC's Administration Building (ladies dorm) received significant improvements over this summer, but it received additional improvements over this semester! Ladies living on both the 2nd and 3rd floors of this dorm now have new furniture! The beds, desks, and dressers create an organized and personalized area conducive for both living and studying. The look of the 2nd floor hallway has also been enhanced with trim, giving the walls a polished look.


The dorm has not only improved in appearance, but in function. The dormitory now has a lounge, which can serve as a social room and kitchen for all of the ladies living in that building. These features complete the Administration Building dorm renovation project which began this summer on the 2nd floor.


Administration Building residents have enjoyed the look and feel the changes have brought. Some enjoy the functional features of the furniture that allow a distinction between homework and rest. Katrina Campitelli shared, “The new furniture has allowed me to separate my studying and sleeping areas by putting my desk under my bed. I feel that I am able to study better without getting sleepy!”



 Others display their creativity in arranging the new furniture, which offers versatility in designing a room. Each student can make her space her very own! Monica King confirmed this by stating, “I was able to take a blank canvas and create it into a room that I enjoy being in, every time I go in it!”








KMBC rejoices in the completion of this project and praises God for His provision and guidance in making these improvements!