Helen Mathews Luce Memorial Chapel Dedication Day!

The Kentucky Mountain Bible College Community is pleased to announce the Helen Mathews Luce Memorial Chapel and Fine arts building as dedicated DEBT FREE and ready for ministry to the glory of our great God and Savior! Over the weekend, KMBC hosted nearly five hundred total attendees for the joyous dedication celebration. 

On Saturday alumni, friends, and workers joined in a celebration service of those who have given financially, and those who have given of their labor and time. KMBC expressed a special thanks to Albert “Buddy” Luce for his generous contribution in honor of his godly mother, Helen Mathews Luce. KMBC also extends it hearts felt thanks to the John C. Lasko Foundation for their generous grant. Over eighty memorials were given in memory of friends and loved ones.

Honor was also given to David Crane for his skilled architectural services and beautiful stained glass windows and to Sarah Louise Luce for her architectural services and gorgeous interior design. Throughout construction of the Helen Mathews Luce Memorial Chapel and Fine Arts Building, over 120 volunteers gave of their time to work on the project. Special recognition was given to George Walters, Mike Greenert, Dick Burk, Les Jackson, Gary Knox, Jim Dewalt, Jerry McLaughlin, Bob Garner, Clyde McGillvary, Mike Leonard, Dan Frances, Harold Burke, and Mike Vanderkamp. Each of whom have been no strangers around campus, for each have given well over 10 weeks of service!

That evening a concert was conducted by music director, Jay Wisler. The service highlighted the singing groups: New Hope, LifeSong, Harmony, and the ladies choral. The presence of the Lord was very real as the groups sang of the Redeemer, the cross, and of holiness. Many an ‘Amen’ could be heard and many tears of thanksgiving shed.

The official dedication ceremony commenced Sunday afternoon with prayer by Vice President Rev. Tom Lorimer and congregational worship led by Dr. John Neihof. After Sarah Louise Luce presented a statement by Albert “Buddy” Luce, President Dr. Speas passionately shared the history and vision of the Kentucky Mountain Bible College and a few of the many miracles along the way. During the service the last stained glass

window for the sanctuary was installed depicting the elements of the Lord’s Supper. 

Kentucky State Representative Ted Edmonds of House District 91 gave a brief congratulatory statement, followed by a testimonial from the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Harold Spann.


The Kentucky Mountain Bible College community continues to rejoice in God’s faithfulness. Students are buzzing with excitement to carry on worship in the Helen Mathews Luce Memorial Chapel.





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