Anthony Silecchia

AnthonyAnthony Silecchia enrolled at KMBC in 2006, a year after he had already decided that KMBC was the place for him. He said his main reason for choosing KMBC was his awareness that it would prepare him for his call in life and help him grow spiritually. He was right.

He says he has learned many important things since deciding to attend KMBC.

“I have learned the importance of dress and manners for a minister, both of which are externals that will either add or detract from the appeal of the gospel,” Anthony says. “I have also become more aware of the distractions in our culture that threaten our closeness to Christ through my time at KMBC.”

Another way Anthony has learned much is in the area of relationships. He married his wife Candice in May of 2008 and has been learning to balance married life, school, and work responsibilities with grace and patience.Anthony and Candice

Anthony explains, “Being married, involved in ministry, and devoted to school has taught me one of the greatest lessons I have learned: you must balance your time. You must first set your priorities – hint: family should be first – and then distribute your time according to your priorities. It is easy to feel justified in spending an excessive amount of time and energy on something good, like school or ministry, while you are neglecting what is most important – family.”

Anthony has completed his Bachelor of Arts in Religion, concentrating on Ministerial Studies and Biblical Languages, and graduated with highest honors.

This fall, he will begin studying at Asbury Theological Seminary to pursue a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies. He hopes to one day teach in that area, helping to cultivate in others a deep appreciation of God's Word and a passion for Christian ministry – two things he says he has learned at KMBC.

“I would only suggest KMBC to someone whose top goals are to grow closer to God and to understand His Word better,” Anthony states. “To those people, I recommend KMBC because of the fellowship with like-minded, warm-hearted Christians, and because KMBC will develop inside of you a passion for ministry.”