Bill and Beth Ryan

Bill and Beth Ryan, graduates of KMBC, have been serving as missionaries with World Gospel Mission in Honduras. They work in Escuela El Sembrador, a boarding school for underprivileged boys. El Sembrador has many different facets – a school of ministry, a vocational school, and a farm, to support the ministry of the school.

Bill has a passion for evangelism and discipleship. He enjoys spending time with the young men of the school, ministering to and counseling them. He desires to use his knowledge as a line-man to maintain the school's high-voltage and low-voltage electrical systems. He would even like to someday start a program in the vocational school, teaching high-voltage and low-voltage electrical work.

Beth ministers to women in the surrounding area, counseling them and teaching vocational classes that will help them learn skills to support themselves and their families. Her dream is to assist in the students in opening beauty salons, giving them an opportunity to share the gospel through their vocations. She also teaches Bible to missionaries' children at El Sembrador Academy.

Bill and Beth are currently living on KMBC's campus as they are in homeland ministry. They have shared in our Missions Chapel and various churches in the community. We pray for the Ryans as they are in the U.S. and preparing to return to their ministry in Honduras.