iLive Games

  The KMBC campus has recently been with buzzing excitement about the upcoming recruiting event, iLive! One way we have been preparing for the event is the iLive Games – where six teams consisting of students, faculty, and staff participate in various competitions, earning points and vying for fun prizes.

Teams represented by different colors have created their own names, chants, and t-shirts. One Thursday night, Dress-up Supper entertainment was provided by team leaders, who dunked their heads in chocolate pudding to search for gummy worms! Teams have also been rewarded with points for each team member pledging to invite people to KMBC and iLive and other challenges such as committing to pray for iLive and testifying about how attending KMBC has impacted them. This activity lasting for several weeks has been a light-hearted and enjoyable way of getting more and more excited about being a part of the KMBC community and welcoming others to be a part of it.

The iLive Games are continuing, and the anticipation of iLive is too!