Media Ministries Students Unveil New Video Projects

This semester at KMBC, seventeen students are taking our Media Ministries class. Media Ministries is a course which specifically targets Youth Ministerial, Christian Education, and Communications majors, preparing them how to use various media methods in ministry.

The projects include designing websites, recording/editing audio clips, and running power-point presentations, to name a few. The students are currently busy with their video project, which they must create, direct, shoot, and edit into a 3-5 minute video. Eight teams have developed plans, scripts, and storyboards, have shot footage and are currently in the editing process.

The video topics range from crazy to challenging, from imaginative to informative. One team has decided to record kitchen rule violations and show dramatic consequences to those violations in a frightfully fun film. Another team wishes to communicate KMBC's mission statement and purpose to viewers in a cutting-edge video, complete with student testimonials and faculty interviews.

As the Media Ministries students have scurried around campus preparing plans, capturing footage, and working as teams, they have learned some valuable things through the course.

Alesia Pruitt said that understanding and operating video are good to know. “You can do some really cool stuff with video,” she said. “I did learn a lot, and I would do it again!”

Kala Mathes, a member of the only three-person team in the project, said she learned from the experience of combining three imaginations and sorting them to form a video plan that reflected all of the team members' ideas. That aspect of the preparation and her learning more about the technological side of the project have been her favorite parts of the project. She stated excitedly, “I've enjoyed it!”


We must not forget the main purpose of the course and project – to prepare for ministry. The students have been able to see firsthand how to understand the techniques of creating videos and all that goes along with it. And they have learned how video projects can be used for ministry, whether in church, for youth groups, at children's camps, in the classroom, or for Christian businesses. Overall, they have learned that when the cameras have been packed, the computers have been turned off, and the tapes have been put in their cases, a Christian who uses media can ultimately glorify God!