Holiness Emphasis Week at KMBC

Kentucky Mountain Bible College started Holiness Emphasis Week in chapel on February 9. Dr. Speas introduced the week by sharing his own testimony. He described the saintly lives of his parents who stirred his heart with a hunger for holiness. Dr. Speas shared about the moment he abandoned his all to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and was filled with the Spirit in entire sanctification.

Dr. Neihof, Sr. preached the opening message of the week’s chapel series, emphasizing the character of God, the call of God, the command of God, and the conduct of the godly. Dr. Fisher, the following day, delivered a sermon about the “triangular prison” in which many find themselves in understanding holiness and referred to Scripture to clarify the misunderstandings. Dr. Speas, in his sermon, connected the importance of commitment in holiness to the importance of commitment in marriage. Mr. Street then concluded the week by speaking passionately on why to believe in holiness.

The week of specifically holiness preaching was stirring to the campus community. The Lord was faithful to speak through these messages to set our hearts and minds on what His people are truly called unto – holiness!