Student Spotlight

Deanna Garcia, a senior from Mason, MI, is in her last semester of school at Kentucky Mountain Bible College. She began her career at KMBC in 2006, and has learned valuable lessons and experienced amazing things since deciding to attend.

“My younger brother came to visit the school, and I went with him," Deanna recalls. "When I got here, I felt God wanted me to come here.”

She says that before coming to KMBC, she “just really did whatever.” But once at KMBC, she began to truly establish her walk with Christ. It was at KMBC where she was sanctified and committed to stay strong and consistent in her relationship with the Lord.

Deanna has also been in several roles of leadership at KMBC. She was the president of her class for one year, has been resident assistant for two years, and has traveled in KMBC's ladies trio for three years.

Deanna has learned much from being in leadership on campus, especially as RA.
“I enjoy being able to interact with people,” she says. “Sometimes when you're in spiritual leadership, people will look up to you and think, 'Oh no. You're this perfect person,' but [I want] just to really let them know that I'm human. I make mistakes. And [I like] just to be able to have an impact on somebody, influencing them, and being a living testimony of what Christ can do. And show that the rules aren't put there to dictate what we do, but that they are guidelines to help us make good decisions.”

Traveling in trio has also challenged Deanna in many ways by teaching her flexibility, patience, and people skills. She shares a very decided reason why she chose to represent KMBC. “I believe in what KMBC is. I believe in their mission.”

Deanna is engaged to Ean Green, a junior in KMBC's Ministerial program. Ean and Deanna plan to marry this June, one month after Deanna graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion - emphasis on Missions/Communications. They intend to live at KMBC until Ean graduates next year, preparing for the ministry the Lord is leading them into. Even after KMBC's Class of 2010 moves on and goes into different parts of the world and ministry, Deanna would like to see more people choose to attend KMBC.

“I love KMBC! It's been the best thing that's happened to me in years!”