One Wintry Weekend

KMBC just experienced a wonderful, winter weekend! On the last weekend in January, the campus received what forecasters had been predicting most of the week. Throughout the week, snow lovers here anticipated the return of the beloved white stuff, but because Kentucky weather is not always so easily predicted, there were skeptics about whether the expected snowfall would come. But sure enough, the snow arrived on Friday evening well after dark.

Not long after the snow started to fall, so did people! Campus roads and sidewalks became slick and slippery very soon, and many began wanting snow boots or shoes with better traction. Others enjoyed “skating” around as the ice on campus provided an entertaining alternative to the Lexington Ice Center trip that was canceled due to the weather.

By Saturday morning, seven inches of snow covered the ground, and workers rose early to salt the roads and walkways, preventing unintentional slips and slides. After a day of snow play, students gathered in the dining hall to enjoy snacks and watch the movie “Hoodwinked.”

KMBC really did have a wonderful, winter weekend!