Enrollment is up at KMBC

Kentucky Mountain Bible College has reached its largest enrollment number in 40 years!

Eighty-nine students enrolled this Fall, and ninety-two enrolled this Spring. This means 106 individual students enrolled at KMBC this school year, making 2009-2010 the largest single year enrollment at KMBC since 1970!

It is great to watch as new students come to the campus, grow deeper in relationship with Christ, gain knowledge about His Word, and share that knowledge with many! We at KMBC delight in sharing – sharing the Truth, sharing God's love, and sharing the school. So with each new student comes a chance to share with them in growing and learning.  And we at KMBC look forward to more opportunities to do just that!

God has used our school in amazing ways this year, and we praise the Lord that He is not finished with His exciting plans for KMBC!