KMBC Helps Haiti


KMBC's Missions Cabinet does a number of the things to further the purpose and work of foreign missions. It hosts missionary speakers for Friday morning chapel services, sponsors the annual KMBC Missions Convention, and infuses into the campus a deeper passion for foreign passions.



In the month of January, the Missions Cabinet took charge of a project specifically for the country of Haiti. After a chapel service dedicated to learning about the country's current condition and praying for the people of Haiti, individuals at KMBC contributed to an offering to aid in Haiti relief efforts.




 Marie Dezorin 2010


The result was one of the largest one day offerings the school had seen! And the Missions Cabinet knew they could offer even more to help the home country of two KMBC students. A week after the Haiti chapel service, members of the Missions Cabinet spent their Saturday in town, raising funds and asking for donations of medical supplies. This event was opened to anyone at KMBC who wanted to help, and the turnout was great!

Alix Hiliare 2010


 KMBC sent its donation to Haiti through World Gospel Mission (WGM). We sent $1,644.65 and one box of medical supplies! KMBC is thankful for the resources to contribute to Haiti in this time of tragedy. May they not only receive hope through money and supplies, but hope in our Savior, Jesus Christ!