J-TERM, 2010

 On January 4, forty-three KMBC students returned to campus for 2010 January-Term. Students in a J-Term class earned credits for one entire semester in just eight school days. The concentrated schedules and workloads seem overwhelming, but they were custom-designed for the content of the course topics to not only be learned, but retained. The two classes offered this year were Introduction To Communications and Marriage and Family.

Intro. to Communications with Dr. John Neihof explores different communication concepts and methods. This course gives the student a great understanding of how to communicate effectively, especially in application to a Christian worldview. Upon completing this course, the student can not only name buzz words and phrases related communications, but can implement vital concepts in ministry, relationships, and everyday life.

Marriage and Family with Mr. Tom Lorimer and additional instructors emphasizes the importance of God's view of marriage and the family. Students in this course learned biblical principles, communication strategies, conflict-solving approaches and other practical applications regarding the home and the relationships in it.

In that short time, students learned important facts, concepts, and biblical principles. It is KMBC's hope the these valuable lessons learned in a little over a week will be remembered and applied for a lifetime.