KMBC Missions Convention, 2009


KMBC's passion for ministry does not stop at the North American borders. We believe in and serve a God who created all the world, loves all the world, and offers hope of salvation to all the world. And we have a desire to share that God with all the world!

Dr. Nina GunterKMBC held its annual Missions Convention on November 12-13.  Thursday evening opened the event with a service in which several students represented different nations in a parade of flags and in reading God's Word in various languages. Three KMBC students read Bible passages which recalled God's mission for His people in various languages. Dr. Nina Gunter, the convention's featured speaker and former director of Nazarene Missions International, delivered the evening message, speaking of the convention's theme: “The Mission is Possible!” Reading from Matthew 24:14, Dr. Gunter said, “The mission is possible, because it is God's mission!”

On Friday, regular classes were canceled and students attended informative, inspiring, and challenging missions seminars. Dr. Moody Gunter, former director of the Finance Department for the International Church of the Nazarene, gave a very informative and helpful seminar on financial support of missions. Mr. Gary Knox, PresDr. Moody Gunterident of WGM Men with a Vision and a faithful work team volunteer who has visited KMBC over forty times, delivered an inspiring seminar on serving short-term in missions. And Rev. Ken Kelley, President of the Southwest Indian Missionary Association, challenged everyone in his seminar to “find your place in missions.”

For Friday night supper, everyone gathered in the international-decorated dining hall to enjoy a variety of ethnic foods. The menu included chicken curry, Mongolian beef, hummus, and pita bread, with various flavors of tea to drink. The meal offered new, exciting tastes to some and familiar favorites to others.

The convention ended in further celebration of God's love for people all over the world! After KMBC and Mt. Carmel's international students read passages in different languages, a group of KMBC students sang Psalm 15 in Swahili. Shushan Richardson, KMBC student and missionary with World Gospel Mission, said the aspects of the convention which included the diverse languages reminded her that “English is not God's first language.” Gary Knox

Ken KellyIn her final message, Dr. Nina Gunter shared the “Landscape of Missions of This Our Day” and named fourteen different situations affecting missions today. At the close of the service, she challenged KMBC students to be open to the Lord's call in their lives. Students emptied their seats and filled the front of the gymnasium, surrendering their futures and committing to go wherever God called them.

Missions Convention at KMBC is not just a time of learning and hearing about missionaries. This year, KMBC learned that, for anyone anywhere, the Mission is Possible. And many made life-changing decisions to choose to accept it.