College Acquaintance Days 2009


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KMBC was pleased to welcome around sixty high school students to this year's College Acquaintance Days, November 5-7.

The annual event began on Thursday evening with registration and opportunities for “hanging out” in the Student Center and coffee shop. It was an exciting time as students and visitors met and became acquainted with each other.


Friday morning and early afternoon offered a taste of what a KMBC student's life is like. Visitors joined students for classes, met faculty and staff, and became familiar with the campus.


If the visitors had not already become familiar with the campus, they didCAD Pic 1 during Friday afternoon's activities. The various games spread across the campus encouraged each participant to “Climb Higher” - the theme of the weekend. After playing games requiring teamwork and good communication, teams ran the “Climb Higher Relay.” The relay began at the bottom of KMBC's inclined driveway and ended at the very top of the campus. Once on “upper campus,” teams came together again and competed in four more games which caused the teams to use their strength, stamina, and will.

Friday evening, after supper, all gathered in the gym for a favorite event – the KMBC Talent Show. The first half of the entertainment was light-hearted and humorous, producing many laughs. The second half was worship-focused, shifting gears to recognize KMBC's purpose of knowing God.

 The spirit of worship continued in Saturday's chapel service. The congregation worshiped together in song and heard music from the KMBC Choir and mixed trio Redeemed before Dr. Speas presented a message about “giving God your lunch.” The message from Luke 9, much different than your average “little boy with the loaves and fishes” story, compelled all in attendance to offer every part of their lives to the Lord. At the conclusion, Dr. Speas encouraged all to surrender their small snack bags, which were handed out at the beginning of service and represented the bread and fish in the story.


Following the service, the visitors then went through the KMBC Program Fair, where they became familiar with program advisors and learned about each academic program offered at the college.


After lunch, bags were packed and goodbyes said as everyone went their separate ways.


KMBC considers it a joy to host College Acquaintance Days each year and hopes that this year's event for each person was a time of not only having fun, but Climbing Higher.