Choir Tour 2009

They went and they worshiped.

 Picture taken with the pastor at one of the churches.

The choir just came back from their annual spring tour this year.  They traveled the country and worshiped with people all over.  The power in the message of the songs was spectacular. The presence of the Lord was felt in all the services.  Each night they sang and worshiped God.

The songs emphasized God's holiness, His redeeming power, the love relationship with Him, giving thanks, living as a child of God, and God's goodness even in the valley. The finale was about Jesus Christ the remedy for all pain, hurt, and sin of this world. What a powerful message they presented.

The choir had wonderful worship services. They had positive feedbacks everywhere they went. The week was a very eventful one. 

They also had times to shop, visit historic sites, and enjoy games with youth from the different churches.  God's hand of protection was upon them as they traveled and arrived safely to all locations.

We thank God for the ministry impact the choir had. We pray for those who were under the ministry that God will keep working in their lives.

Thank you friends and family for your prayers.


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