The storm and power outage that hit Campus.

Weather forecasters were announcing it everywhere. There was a storm coming our way! The storm did not hit us as hard as it did other places.  However,  we did experience some of the effects.  We had power outage on campus around 7 p.m. on Tuesday(January 27). This went on until 2 p.m. the next day. 

Students, faculty, and staff were flexible during these times. All scheduled activities went on as planned with the help of flashlights, candles, and generator powered lights

The cafeteria became a big study hall for everyone. It was lit up with lights powered by generators. Faculty and Staff also opened their homes for students to spend the night. The atmosphere was pleasent for the rest of the evening. Everyone was dismissed around 10:30 p.m. to thier own rooms or place of lodging for the night.


 Electricity was still out in the morning. We had a delay of classes for the day to light up a little. Classes began an hour later than usual.  Electric outlets were provided for students to charge their phones and laptops. 

 The cafeteria continued to function so we had meals for breakfast and lunch. We even had chapel in which Dr. Speas preached the first part of his sermons on the “Be Attitudes(Matt. 5)”. The day was filled with praise to the Lord for all He provides even without electricity. We thank God for His help.

 Praise the Lord for His countless blessings.  We appreciate your prayers for Kentucky Mountain Bible College as we “Climb Higher” with God.