From the President

Thank you for taking the time to look at our web site. Kentucky Mountain Bible College is a four-year accredited Bible College, devoted to preparing youth to be dedicated Christians who will impact their world for Christ.

At KMBC you will find a strong spiritual focus in every part of campus life. A dynamic spiritual atmosphere is evident in the chapel, classroom, work shop, ball field and dorm.

Another focus you will find at KMBC is dedication to academic excellence. “Seek that you may excel” has been a motto that characterizes the attitude toward academics.

Someone has said that KMBC is “Big enough to meet your needs, but small enough to care.” Here at KMBC you will find a family atmosphere. “We care” is not just a catchy slogan, but an attitude that prevails. On this campus you will find faculty and staff who will listen to your hurts, pray for your needs, and be genuine friends.

In the last 20 years the average cost of a college education has skyrocketed, forcing many students to take out large student loans. KMBC does its best to keep its prices down so that students will not be burdened with debt. Our goal is to help students graduate debt-free or as close to debt-free as possible. Here we offer a quality education at a price you can afford!

Dr. Philip Speas, President

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