New Online Classes

Would you like to expand your knowledge of the Bible?
KMBC now has online classes available!

This fall Kentucky Mountain Bible College will be offering two classes online:

English Bible Survey:

An overview of the entire Bible, including how our Bible came to us. The class covers the content, theology, and history of the Bible with a special emphasis upon the major people, places, and events. The course is a prerequisite to all other courses in biblical studies.

Theology of Holiness:

An intensive study of the doctrine of Christian perfection and entire sanctification as a second work of grace. The goal of the class is to instruct, clarify, and establish students in their personal experience of entire sanctification.

Take a class for College Credit
- Available to KY Residents only -

(Assignments and tests will be graded, and must be completed on time. College Credit will be issued.)

$710 per class
($220 tuition per credit hour + $50 online fee)

Take a class for Personal Enrichment

(No assignments or tests are required, and no college credit will be given or earned)

$380 per class
($110 tuition per credit hour + $50 online fee)

To enroll, contact KMBC Admissions at 1-800-879-5622 ext. 130
or fill out our online interest form.