International Students

International StudentsWith programs that are based on Biblical principles where scriptural holiness is emphasized, Kentucky Mountain Bible College offers international students training in order for students to return to thier home country, prepared and equipped for the ministry.

Aside from our regular student costs, for international students there are some additional expenses involved in transportation, immigration, etc.  We require international students to deposit $3,500 before admittance, which is held for return transportation, medical costs, unexpected needs, and used for medical insurance.

International students are also required to show evidence of financial support before admittance. We will provide the Affidavit of Support form, which can be copied, and distributed to several people. You must have affidavits totaling the complete cost of college in order to enroll.

We do not offer any full scholarships for international students.  While certain international students may be eligible for smaller partial scholarships, all international students should plan to personally bear the cost of college. For more information please check out Financial Briefing for International Students.

International Students

Please fill out the application and return it to us so that you can begin the reference process. Please send application by mail to:

Kentucky Mountain Bible College
Admissions Office
855 HWY 541
Jackson, KY 41339


It will also be important for you to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) as soon as possible. This score is needed before you can be accepted as a student. Our instruction code number is 1384.

For application and acceptance procedure please click here.

If you have received your I-20, please read the information here to prepare for your visa interview.

Since international mail is slow and expensive, we prefer to communicate via email. If you have this option, please email us here. We look forward to hearing from you. May God direct and bless your decisions.


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