Missions Convention 2008

Ignite Your World! was the theme of the missions convention which was held on the
campus of KMBC. Rev. Don Seymour, a veteran missionary and pastor,  preached the
Thursday evening service. The following evening, Rev. Larry Cochran who serves with
GO! InterNational spoke.  The messages were tremendous as the speakers centered around the theme.  The passion they had for missions was evident in their preaching. They encouraged the youth of today to carry on with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was a great time of encouragement and urge to light the world around us.
The convention began Thursday evening, October 16, at 7 p.m. Pictured are international students from Papua New Guinea, South Korea, and Thailand, reading a passage of scripture in their own language.  Our guest speakers spoke in different seminars on Friday. Several of the topics discussed were, "The God-directed life" by Mrs. Seymour,  "That My House May Be Filled" with Rev. Cochran and many more interesting seminar topics. The challenge was to go out and light our world. Faculty, Students, and Visitors were challenged and really enjoyed the seminars. May the hunger they put in our heart ignite as we go out into the world today.

On Friday night we had a international dinner. Several of our students from Haiti prepared a traditional meal.  Everyone was invited to a great time of good food and fellowship as we prepared our hearts for the evening service.

The convention closed with the 7 p.m. service on Friday, October 17.
It was a time of inspiration and blessing. We learned about what God is doing around the world through missions. How God is using many different people to ignite the world all over.

Ignite Your World!