A Moving of God

Numerous hearts and lives were touched and changed within just the first few days of KMBC’s fall convocation with Rev. Chris Cravens. The altars were lined at both services, with students earnestly seeking God.

During the first revival service held at Mount Carmel on Sunday evening, Rev. Cravens preached a sobering and powerful sermon on hell, focusing on the following points: hell is literal, hell is horrible, hell is eternal, and praise the Lord, hell is avoidable. On Monday morning, he began a three-part series on Psalm 1, emphasizing that happiness is found only in being right in the eyes of God. On Tuesday, Rev. Cravens shared three things in which happiness is not found: 1) Godlessness, 2) Evil associations, and 3) Seat of the Scornful. For each point, he invited the students to ask themselves a question: 1) “Who am I listening to?” 2) “Who am I identifying with?” and 3) “How are my associations affecting me?” On Wednesday morning, he concluded this series by relating where happiness is found according to Psalm 1 - “God-centeredness.”

The powerful sermons continued with themes such as heart holiness, “The Path to Answered Prayer,” and “Living Triumphant in a Troubled World.” Convocation ended on Friday evening on an extrodinary positive note. Students have reflected that this Convocation has been one of the most more powerful revival series. KMBC’s continued desire is that revival will spread beyond this campus into the hearts and communities beyond.

Watch the video podcasts here!