Honey-Bee Festival

The Honey Festival is an annual event in Breathitt County, KY, and one in which KMBC students, faculty, and staff anticipate each year. In the past, KMBC has won awards for outstanding floats made by students. With a later start date for semester this year, KMBC did not enter float. However, many students participated in the parade with  a few school vehicles. Students invested time sprucing up the vehicles and decorating them for the parade. Several students rode in the parade, waving at the crowds and throwing candy to children.

Besides taking part in the the parade, there are also opportunities for students to impact others for Christ throughout the festival. Jim Nelson, the Dean of Students, offered tracts to those who wished to pass them out during the festival. Students talked to people about Christ and prayed with them about various needs. The festival continued on Sunday in a community-wide church service under a tent near the police station. The KMBC choir, along with volunteers, sang during the service, lifting their voices in beautiful harmony with “Amazing Grace,” “Alleluia,” and a medley of hymns. The congregation joined in and lifted many hearty “amens” in response to this outpouring of praise.


The Honey Festival is just one of  many opportunities in the area to be salt and light for Jesus. May God enable us to continue to touch lives in our community.