Students are Praying for upcoming Revival Services

Revival is coming early to KMBC! Students are earnestly seek God’s reviving and restoring power in their lives and in the lives of their loved ones.  It started Wednesday evening, January 30, when students two students felt the urgent need to pray. Their prayer meeting of two turned into a meeting of ten girls earnestly seeking God’s renewed presence and power.

The following evening, the ladies dorm’s scheduled prayer meeting was moved to the chapel. It lasted for two hours as hearts were unburdened, choruses were sung, and lost loved ones were lifted before the throne.

The following evening, a campus wide prayer meeting began at 8:00 pm and continued on into the regularly scheduled Friday night prayer meeting from 10:30 to midnight. After hours in prayer, the atmosphere was one of peaceful expectation. Some still had burdens to bring before the Lord, and yet the sense of Him already hearing and answering was very real.

Prayer meetings have been scheduled for each evening, Monday through Saturday for the coming weeks. The students and faculty at KMBC are longing for a real outpouring of God’s Spirit during this scheduled revival series with Dr. Eldon Neihof which will be held February 24-March 1. Convocation is an event KMBC plans as an opportunity for God to stir and challenge hearts each semester.

Please help us pray that this spirit of revival will continue to pervade the campus, and that it would spread into the surrounding communities, homes, and churches of friends and neighbors.