Creation Seminar

In today’s increasingly secular and postmodern age, Biblical Christianity is under attack in almost every direction. Perhaps no other book has received as much criticism and attack as the book of Genesis. It is KMBC’s purpose to train men and women with a solidly biblical worldview in order to passionately proclaim the truth of the gospel message. In order to help our students know how to discern the facts and defend the faith against modern evolutionary tales, KMBC is hosting a "Creation Seminar" with Answers in Genesis apologist and author, Mike Riddle. However, we don’t want to keep this great learning opportunity to ourselves. So you’re invited to join us on April 18 and 19 for some dynamic presentations on the topic of creation. The sessions will begin in the evening of April 18 and run through the morning of the 19th.

Mike RiddleHaving been involved as a creation speaker for more than twenty-five years, Mike has the knowledge to answer the tough questions. With his prior experience as a captain in the US Marines as well as over twenty years in the computer field, Mike has the gusto to keep his audience engaged.

In order to ensure the most out of your visit, this informative and challenging seminar is being held in tandem with our spring recruiting event. It’s like a double-header ballgame - make one trip to KMBC campus and get in on two outstanding events. All who come to the recruiting event are invited and encouraged to come to the creation seminar as well. Plan to come to this event so that your faith in God, His Word, and His awesome act of creation will be strengthened! It will arm you with valuable information so that you may intelligently defend your faith in the modern age.