Class Reunion of 1957

The KMBC Alumni Association will be hosting the 1957 class reunion this year on October 27th. This class will be celebrating its 55th anniversary. Miss Donna Woodring, a 1957 graduate and organizer of the event, says that ten of the twenty-seven students who graduated from KMBI in 1957, are planning to attend the event. In addition to Donna Woodring, Mrs. Ruth Davis Cundiff, daughter of the late Harold Davis, will be in attendance as well as other alumni from Alaska, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Alabama.

The class of ‘57 celebrated the 25th anniversary of their graduation in 1982. Miss Woodring has the memory book that the class members made at the celebration. “It was wonderful to see what God was doing in our lives and how we were involved in ministry.” Ten of these twenty-seven alumni have been pastors, three have been missionaries, and others have been lay people involved in various other types of ministry. The 1957 class motto was “The Cross - Our Glory.”  This class has certainly lived out the motto in their lives. KMBC rejoices with these alumni and in their service to the Lord.