Senior Spotlight: Tricia Willover

   Tricia Foster graduated from Mount Carmel High School and then enrolled at KMBC in 2005. While she became familiar with the college, she said her parents were ultimately responsible for her choosing Kentucky Mountain Bible College. Tricia reports that since she made the decision to enroll at KMBC, she has become more grounded and firm in God's Word, she has experienced deep emotional healing, and she met her husband. She became Tricia Willover in 2010, and she and her husband Chris have grown in the Lord together.

   When asked what the most valuable thing about KMBC is to her, she answered, “The professors truly care about you and they want you to strive to be your best, and even more than that, they care deeply for your soul. They place a great value on the students, and this is what drives me to succeed.”






   Tricia graduated with her BA in Religion with an emphasis in Elementary Teacher Education. She and Chris will have their first child, a baby girl, this summer. While Chris finishes his education, Tricia plans to take care of their new little one and possibly do some teaching.