Senior Spotlight: Shianne Jack

Shianne Jack came to KMBC in the Fall of 2008 already familiar with the school. The preceding semester, she accepted an invitation to travel in a KMBC trio the summer before she entered her freshman year. Originally, she thought she would only attend KMBC for one year. One year turned into two, and soon she decided to stay all four years in order to earn her BA in Religion with an emphasis in Music/Communications.

Shianne says the biggest ways she has grown in the Lord since coming to KMBC have been in having consistent personal devotions, gaining more knowledge of the Bible, and discovering different ways she can minister to others. During her time at KMBC, Shianne has been involved in music ministry with the school for four years and has formed valuable friendships with many different people through her ministry in trio and choir. It was also over a summer tour that she felt the distinct call to be a missionary to Africa.

After she graduates in May, Shianne will travel in the ladies' trio By Grace for her final summer. After summer tour, she plans to move back to her home in Alabama to prepare for her December wedding to fiance, Justin Walters. Together they will attend Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO, where they will prepare to serve as missionaries in Africa.