Many Looking Forward to the Holiness Summit

Holiness Summit 

Many are anticipating the Lord to work in great ways during the Holiness Summit (Oct. 30-Nov. 1)! Pastors, churches, and families from all around are making plans to attend this exciting event.


Rev. Rodger Moyer, pastor of the Sturgis Evanglical Church in Sturgis, Michigan, says he and his wife plan to attend the summit for many reasons. He shared, “There is something about being with a group of holiness people that blesses our hearts in a special way; the prayers, the praise, the preaching always refreshes our souls. So we are coming in expectancy for the refueling of our spiritual fires.”


Rev. Moyer invited three other couples to join him and his wife at the event – one of the people being his brother John Moyer, pastor of the Wabash Valley Community Church in Sullivan, Indiana. When asked why he chose to attend, Rev. John Moyer answered, “In all the seminars that are offered on how to grow your church, I like to hear how to build the foundation on how the church truly grows – with genuine and real conversions and the converted cleansed and filled by the Holy Spirit so that we can serve God in righteousness and true holiness all the days of our lives.”


Mrs. Tara Hickman, the wife of a United Methodist youth and music pastor from Winchester, Kentucky, is excited about attending some services during the summit. She said, “I'm hungry for powerful, biblical truth. Our ever-changing culture takes us farther and farther from a life of holiness and purity. I want to be reminded of the reasons we are called to pursue those things.” She also mentioned the importance of having her young family attend the services. “I want my children to hear it [holiness] preached and preached well. That's why I look forward to any sessions we may get to attend at the Holiness Summit.”


KMBC looks forward to the Holiness Summit as well! Faculty, staff, and students expect a time of God's moving as His messengers proclaim the message of His holiness and His design for holy people!


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