Brittany Gregg in Ukraine

Brittany Gregg, a Kentucky Mountain Bible College senior missions major from Indiana, completed her internship in Ukraine this past summer. Though Brittany had never been on a plane or out of the country, she enthusiastically departed from Fort Wayne, Indiana for the Ukrainian mission field on May 19th, 2010. The next day she was warmly welcomed to the coastal city of Berdaynsk in south-east Ukraine by World Gospel Mission missionaries Bill & Oksana Brower and Frank & Christine Dewey. 

During her six weeks on the mission field, Brittany was given many opportunities for ministry. Twice per week she visited an orphanage, taking time to care and love the orphaned children. Most of her time, however, was spent at the youth center inside the "Home of Hope", where she served in various ways. The last three weeks Brittany helped lead a Backyard Bible Club with up to twenty-five children in attendance. Brittany’s face beams as she relates the events of an evening when many children began to connect with the Gospel message and several prayed for Salvation!

Brittany notes that her time in Ukraine has intensified her call to be a missionary. In the Lord's time, she wants to return to Ukraine.


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