KMBC students attend Conference on Biblical Discernment in St. Louis

For one unit of credit in KMBC's Cults class, students in the class attended a Conference on Biblical Discernment on April 22-24,sponsored by Personal Freedom Outreach. The group of 21 headed to St.Louis early Thursday morning and had a weekend full of informative meetings and workshops until Saturday afternoon. The conference
covered apologetics, worldviews, evangelism, biblical spirituality,disciplines, and discipleship. Brittany Dunn, a student in KMBC's Christian Education/Missionsprogram, said she enjoyed learning about different beliefs
and how to approach those whose theological understanding may differ from hers.She was particularly interested in a session informing on popularspiritual trends promoted by celebrities. She also appreciated the opportunity to see other Christians from all over come to learn more about how to share the Truth of Jesus Christ and defend their belief in Him as the one true Savior.

KMBC is thankful for this opportunity for our students to attend the conference as a part of this course. It is our hope and prayer that our students continue to learn more about understanding and communicating their beliefs as they live and minister in a world full of confusion.