KMBC Alumnus Chaplain in Afghanistan

 Bryan Wright, a 2003 graduate of KMBC, is a US Army Chaplain in Afghanistan. God called him to this ministry while he was studying at KMBC.

 A few years ago, Bryan was in Iraq as a chaplain to a guard unit. His good friend at KMBC, Dr. John E. Neihof, Jr., asked him how many of his soldiers found Jesus.  He replied, “Doc, there were so many converted and baptized that I quit counting!”

Bryan keeps his friends and family well-updated, often through e-mail. Below is a recent e-mail that Bryan sent to Dr. John.


“I have a few outposts that are real primitive, no water, etc. These outpost are also small and are on the radar for big attacks. I will be at a couple of them this week to see the fellas and hold a service for them. Also we are starting to get rocket fire at some of my FOBs (forward operating base). This spring and summer could be very sporty. All is well. I will be circulating the battlefield of about 7 outposts. This will put at my home base about 4-8 (if I'm fortunate) days a month. It will be a very busy schedule, but it is all about taking care of the boys. The other night as I was visiting with a few of them at a distant FOB, one of the Soldiers said,"Hey chap, I really appreciate you coming to see us, it is a real encouragement."  How can I not find joy in such statements!  I am amazed at the work that Jesus keeps doing in my heart. Take care and know that we really appreciate the prayers.”

KMBC appreciates Bryan's commitment to serving the Lord in Afghanistan and continues to pray for him as he ministers to the men and women who fight for our country.