Academic Dean Tours the Holy Land

 KMBC's Academic Dean, Mr. Tom Lorimer, and his wife Becky had the opportunity to tour Israel for seven days. Since coming back, they have shared many times their stories and experiences from their special trip to the Holy Land!

“It was a very godly place!” said Mrs. Lorimer, as she began to describe their first day there. She spoke of the joy and anticipation of the Sabbath approaching and shared that it was an experience she would never forget.

She also recalled their visit to the Western Wall where many ladies lined the wall to pray, mentioning how the visit had impacted her greatly.

 The fast pace of the tour did not hinder the Lorimers from enjoying the many special places they visited in Israel. In addition to the Western Wall of Jerusalem, they went to the Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane, Golgotha, Jesus' tomb, and the Pools of Bethesda, to name some. They rode camels and swam in the Dead Sea. If anyone wonders, Mrs. Lorimer can confirm it: “You really do float in it!”

They thoroughly enjoyed seeing the sights that Jesus once saw and going to the places where Jesus once went. Mrs. Lorimer loved being where Jesus walked. She said, “I was excited whenever we got to a place where we talked about Jesus! I thought 'He's my Savior!'”

As they took in their surroundings at Israel, Mr. Lorimer noticed how “dry and desolate” the land seemed and how badly it needed water. That made him think of how Jesus told the people of Israel that He was the Living Water. Mr. Lorimer had not realized the impact of that metaphor until he saw the importance of water for Jews. 


Being there to see it made it clearer to him. Overall, the Lorimers' visit to the Holy Land was very valuable and memorable. They had read about Israel, studied about Israel, taken tests on Israel... but they had never truly understood what it was like to actually be in Israel. Now that they have been to Israel once, they would be happy to have another opportunity to visit.“We would go again tomorrow!”It is Mr. Lorimer's prayer that this experience will aid him in teaching at KMBC.He wants the Lord to use this wonderful opportunity to enrich the lives of others, helping many to better understand the Holy Land and the lessons it teaches.