KMBC Christmas Cantata, 2009


 In a list of things most treasured about Christmas time, you would often find the word “music.” KMBC used just that on the last Sunday of this semester to worship the Lord in this season.

Many gathered in KMBC's Archer Auditorium on December 13 to hear KMBC's Christmas choir, led by Mr. Jay Wisler, perform “And the Glory Shone Around.” The auditorium displayed a Christmas tree, wintry scenes, and candles to create the feeling of Christmas.

To begin the service, a special ensemble gathered in a circle and performed a French tune introducing Christmas as remaining choir members walked through the procession, carrying candles. The ensemble joined the rest of the choir to sing "Who is This King of Glory," which began a cantata filled with new and familiar songs about Christ's coming and birth. The songs contained well-beloved Christmas carols and new, unique melodies - all communicating the same glorious message. Narrators spoke between songs, reading Scripture from Old Testament prophets and psalmists as well as the New Testament account of the Christmas story.

This musical presentation, full of beautiful harmonies, dynamic variations, and joyful expression, served as a wonderful ministry in praising God's name and sharing His Word through - the Christmas favorite - music!